TRAX is proud to be partners with Oxfordshire Health and Response in providing a Camhs In-Reach worker to young people in Oxfordshire.

Statement from Oxfordshire Health
Following a review by the Department of Health of Children and Adolescents Mental Health services nationwide, the government identified a number of areas that could be worked upon to improve the care our patients receive as a whole, these areas include:
–       Promoting resilience, prevention and early intervention
–       Improving access to effective support – a system without tiers
–       Care for the most vulnerable
–       Accountability and transparency
–       Developing the workforce

As a result of this a new service model has been launched in Oxford Health and with it a number of key changes to the way we run our services.
–       The CAMHS service model has moved to a tier-less pathway approach to ensure that the patient’s needs are at the centre of their care and that we fit around their needs.
–       We have an exciting new partnership with Response and a number of 3rd sector organisations in Oxfordshire.

These include:
– Synolos
– BYHP (Banbury Young Homelessness Project)
– Ark T
– Oxfordshire Youth

Each organisation has a Community In-Reach worker that work with children and young people that come in to their organisations who it is deemed would benefit from some light-touch Mental Health intervention using the expertise and advice of our CAMHS teams. This innovative partnership has proven massively successful so far and has helped to increase the reach to patients who are sometimes more difficult to get to, is helping to destigmatise mental health conditions, promotes early intervention and prevention and is improving joined up working and a whole system approach to the care of our Children and Young People. Not least helping to deal with the increase in referrals in to Mental Health Services.

The exception being Oxfordshire Youth who provide generic training to other organisations and professionals on mental health.
–       A new School In-Reach team has been created with named leads in each of the  secondary schools in Oxfordshire, spending time in the schools with pupils offering advice and self-help tools to prevent the need for accessing CAMHS.
–       We have a new streamlined Single Point of Access in to our services now which means 1 phone number, email address and advice and referral route in to our services.
–       We have a fresh new website which offers help, guidance, details of how to access our services, a new self-referral form and self-help tools
–       On top of this we are building links with other agencies in Oxfordshire including Schools, Local Authority, and GP’s to improve multi-agency handovers and joined up working to ensure each child and young person receives the best help they can for their needs.

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