AN ORGANISATION that helps disadvantaged young people has appealed to communities in Oxford to help it find a new home.

Trax, the Oxfordshire-based automotive and catering charity, is in need of new headquarters after its landlords announced they would not be renewing the lease at Red Barn Farm in Woodstock Road from 2018.

The decision ends a a nine-year association between the group and Oxford University after plans were passed last year for the land to be built on as part of the Northern Gateway housing development.

Olivia Davies, director at Trax, said the charity was not desperate at this stage, but was concerned about the need to find new base.

She added: “The hunt is on as we really need to have a deal in place by the summer in 2017.

“We certainly don’t expect everything for nothing, but as a self-funded charity we will be more than grateful for the most favourable terms we can negotiate.

“As the charity has grown over the years we have developed catering facilities for our students so we are looking to expand as well.”

Ms Davies said the new location would need to be Oxfordshire and ideally within the ring road with easy access to a viable bus route for students to get to.

The charity says replacement buildings would need to accommodate a minimum of two classrooms, office spaces for four or five staff and one meeting room.

They would also require space for two car workshops and one large professionally-equipped kitchen.

Ms Davies said the charity helps between 400 and 500 individuals each year to gain useful skills in the automotive and catering fields.

She added: “This is an appeal to anyone who can help us to get in touch.

“We are not desperate, but we need to put the message out there as it will take six months to a year to move and get everything organised.

“It feels like an impossible mountain to climb at present but I’m optimistic that there will be somewhere for us.”

Trax has for 24 years delivered services and training to young people who have struggled with the normal rigours of education or who have had difficulties in their life.

It delivers a range of courses aiming to provide skills that young people can gain towards employment.

The charity employs five full-time staff, seven part-time and five volunteers.

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